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TurboCAD LTE Pro. TurboCAD LTE. TurboCAD Deluxe. TurboCAD Designer. PRODUCT POSITIONING. 2D/3D Drafting with Solid and Surface Modeling.
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Around , I revisited my purchased, quickly giving up.

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I was for a number of years very, very bitter toward Turbo CAD, and perhaps without much valid reason. It's illogical. The above is vastly shorter than the other tome I drafted, if that's any consolation It feels grossly unfair, and for me it's eviscerating and heartbreaking because I lose hours over layer management issues. Monday, November 05, 4: Friday, November 09, 2: Friday, November 09, There's capacity for 3D constraint with them.

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What DCM means by 2D constraints is that your solids are created from profiles and paths that are planned beforehand rather than being able to be applied to edges or radii after a primitive solid's been created. That means you'd use a single rail sweep rather than an extrusion because you can define the extrusion distance in more ways than the simple height, and access the variable perhaps more simply too.

They could be animated in Shark's previous incarnation in V7 and V8.

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Powered by YAF. NET 2. Previous Topic Next Topic. Guest Joined: Lost Password? Create Account. Buy Now: CAD Training. Click here for upgrades. Educational Licenses If you're a student or a tutor, I can provide educational licenses at a much reduced price. Upcoming Events There are no upcoming events. Simply drag- and-drop to speed design.

Hatch patterns and colors, as well as 2, new materials are also available. LogiCursor The LogiCursor thinks like a drafter.


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It automatically knows where construction lines are typically wanted and displays them temporarily as you draw. Combine with snaps to quickly locate tangent and perpendicular points or align to x, y, z axis edges, faces or workplanes, making TurboCAD Mac ideal for modeling in 3D or quickly laying floorplans, diagrams and more. Included you'll find line, arc and curve tools as well as circle, ellipse, polygon, and spline tools.

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Conic tools allow users to easily obtain a curve generated by the intersection of a cone with a plane. Plus access text and dimensioning tools, fillet and chamfer tools, 2D modifier and transformation tools. Mesh Modeling Tools Create 3D mesh designs from multiple points.

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The Quad Mesh tools allow users to create primitives, extrusions, coverts, lathes, and meshes by points. Surface Modeling Tools Quickly model complex 3D objects with advanced design and modification tools. Primitives, complex and advanced surface tools, as well as surface modifiers and transformation tools are included.

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  • History Free Editing Easily move, scale or rotate the individual components of your parts without having to maintain a part-tree. Control thickness and offset Verify your Designs A set of sophisticated surface analysis tools will help you maintain design integrity by providing critical information about your designs such as evaluating the smoothness of one or more surfaces, useful for identifying surface irregularities. Just as easily, export technical drawings from TurboCAD to one of the many supported file formats to share your work.